theWord is an amazing Bible Study tool.

theWord was created in order to be a valuable, everyday tool for every Christian that wishes to read and study the Bible, the Word of God. We believe that theWord Bible Software is one of the very best Bible study software programs available, commercial or otherwise. theWord is comparable to and in many cases, if not most, better than its commercial counterparts. Although the price tag for theWord is free, do not be fooled into thinking that its price tag reflects its feature list.

theWord is designed to be a tool for everyday use, always running in the background and ready to respond whenever you need to look-up a verse, read the Bible, or study a passage or theme of the Bible in depth. It’s quick to load, easy to customize and intuitive to use. We feel that its value and quality cannot be fully presented through a feature list, so we urge you to try it out. Each little detail has been carefully contemplated, designed and implemented with many options and customizations. This is exactly what makes people stick with theWord, once they give it a try. That’s the best way to make up your mind too!

For more information follow this link to theWord website:  CLICK HERE

  • Complete Library

    • The complete Library download contains:
    • 2800+ volumes/sets

      Among these are: A Full (and most excellent) set of lexical & language tools – Moulton, Thayer, Strongs, Gessinius,
      Brown Driver Briggs, Bible Dictionary of Ancient Greek, and Theological Word Book of the Old
      Testament. These are presented in the original, but also several formats in which some have been
      combined for convenience of use with the program.

      There is also an excellent set of Concordances for the English, Greek, and Hebrew… I think even
      some Aramaic.  Included is an exhaustive set of Bible Dictionaries and helpful Bible informational works.

      You will find an almost exhaustive set of commentaries, including the full Calvin’s Commentary,
      the mammoth Pulpit Commentary, Matthew Pool, Owen, and Matthew Henry just to name a few.
      There is even a full set of Spurgeon’s sermons indexed to use as a commentary.

      Included is every Puritan, or Reform work that I could find, and there are many. I have also
      included other writings for research purposes Arminius, Scofield, Darby, Finney etc for reference.

      The entire 66 Volume Spurgeon Sermon set is included.  It is indexed in several ways to make it
      more useful to use.

    • 140 “Bible” Volumes made up of English, Greek, & Hebrew.

      You will find Textus Receptus, Westcott & Hort, Nestle Aland 28th, Majority Texts, and LXX as well as
      a few less well known     in the Greek.
      There are several “versions” of these some with full Morphology and links to the included Lexicons.

      You will find There are also several Hebrew Texts, at least one of those (Groves-Wheeler Westminster
      Hebrew Morphology)has full morphology, and some have links to the Lexicons.

      You will find a plethara of English Versions of the Old and New Testaments, including Geneva (with notes)
      KJV, NASB, Tyndale, Wycliff, and many more


      As these resources came from all over, and thus were lacking a consistent cohesive screen presentation
      I took the liberty of going through the vast majority of them and “re-titled” them for consistent screen

      Bible names are to be understood basically as follows:

      EOT – English Old Testament
      ENT – English NNew testament
      EONT – English Old and New Testament
      GOT – Greek Old Testament (usually LXX)
      GNT – Greek New Testament
      GONT – Greek Old and New Testament
      HOT – Hebrew Old Testament (usually LXX)
      HNT – Hebrew New Testament
      HONT – Hebrew Old and New Testament

      # – links to Lexical references available
      + – morphology available

      In this way you have a fair idea what you are looking at on the list

      I have also created several custom “Module” Sets to help navigate the mass of material

      Word Studies Master (contains word study, concordance, and dictionary references)
      Word Studies
      Spurgeon Library
      Sets by Author (an attempt to make the mass of volumes available more manageable)

        • Complete Download Zip Here
          • Please note that there are 9 “paid” volumes in this set.  When you load the software it will bring up a message asking you to purchase these, or have the software delete them.  I have included them as to me they represent the best paid volumes and well worth the investment.  So by including them, perhaps I can save you the headache of finding them.  However the software works wonderfully without them, so do not let that in any way discourage you.
  • Individual Volumes


A couple of Notes From theWord Website concerning cost:

“Make copies of CD’s with the program and give them out to friends and relatives. Maybe
you could send some CD’s to missionaries or create some copies for your church. No matter
the way, you are actively helping to make known theWord and let others come closer to
the Word of God.

Please notice that the duplication and distribution of theWord is allowed as long as
there is no profit involved (immediate or otherwise). Take a moment to read the license
which contains more details concerning CD distribution.

Totally free? Are you sure?

The Word is totally free. You don’t have to pay anything to download or use it. You will
never be asked to register anywhere or provide your personal data in order to use the program.
You will not see any advertisments from within the program either. The Word contains no spyware,
adware or any other kind of ‘malware’ (malicious code that aims either to perform some damage on
your PC or gather personal information stored in your PC).

Apart from the program itself, there are many add-on modules (Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries,
books, maps, etc.) which are also free. In general, whatever is in the public domain or the
copyright holder allows for it’s free distribution is also provided for free for use from within
The Word.

There are also cases in which there are annual fees for the right to use and distribute modules
that are copyrighted. For some of them this cost is covered by other means in order for the add-on
to be free to use.

theWord free Bible software



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